Learn AP Comp Sci

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I see the problems?
Problems are published each weekday. You can:

  1. View them directly on the website.
  2. Follow @learnapcompsci on Twitter to be notified of new problems there.
  3. Subscribe to the RSS feed and view the problems in your reader.

I don't do RSS feeds or Twitter. Can you just email me the problems?
Not at this time, but I have an alternative for you: a scheduled task.

Can I get all of the problems in one place?
No, not at this time. I am a full-time classroom teacher and the problems are in the process of being written. They will appear on the daily problems page each weekday as the 2022-2023 academic year progresses.

Is this website for AP Computer Science A or AP Computer Science Principles?
This site is primarily oriented toward AP Computer Science A, in that the programming questions will be based on the Java language. There are a variety of computation, computer science, and computer programming topics that will appear in the questions.

Are these actual AP Computer Science problems?
No, the only place you can get real AP Computer Science problems is from the College Board.

The problems you'll see here—most of these problems—are of the same style as what a student would see on an exam, created by a long-time AP Computer Science teacher who is familiar with the types of questions that are asked.

Some multiple-choice problems presented here do cover topics that stray outside the scope of what would be on an exam. These include:

The majority of problems, however, are focused on the AP Computer Science curriculum. I hope you like them!